Set a budget

How it works

Buying a New Car has never been easier. You will be buying your car directly from Mercedes-Benz UK, with your selected Showroom acting as an Agent on our behalf. This means you can rest easy knowing you're getting the best price, regardless of where you buy from.

  • 1. Order your car

    Once you have found your next car, click on the "Buy now" button and complete the order form. Your Showroom will be in touch to discuss your purchase.

  • 2. Complete an ID check

    We'll ask you to complete an ID check via TrustID - you can do this remotely or in the Showroom.

  • 3. Securing your car

    Your Showroom will ask you to sign an electronic order form and pay a holding deposit (if applicable) to finalise your order.

  • 4. Waiting for your car

    You can book a date for your handover and relax whilst your Showroom prepares your car. Once your car is fully paid, your handover can take place and you can drive away in your new Mercedes-Benz.